Saturday, March 6, 2010

games, games, games

(warning, long post)
No, I did not give up blogging, I just had a couple of busy (the fun kind of busy :) ) days.
On Saturday it was my birthday. Since there is no school right now, all my drinking buddies friends are out of town.
So there was no big party or whatsoever.
But I did get to have guests.
And we played hide and seek.
My Mom came down and brought her dog along.
She brought me a microwave for my birthday and we went to IKEA to get a shelf to put it on and a bookshelf and some other little thingies.
They arrived here and we brought their stuff inside.
Then we wanted to go to IKEA but my landlady was showing the upstairs apartment and the house.
We were already at the door that divides my shared hallway from the stairwell when we heard them talking right on the other side of the door.
There is no rule in my contract that says that I am not allowed to have dogs visiting but we decided it would be easier to just wait til they leave.
So we went back into my apartment and stood there, listening.
The dog was very confused because he get's to go outside when we put the leash on and now we went to that door and then back inside.
He started making noises and my Mom had to hush him which made me giggle and I had to hush myself.
When the landlady left, the people that looked at the house stood on the other side of the street and kept looking from there.
Finally they left and we could go.
Pretty funny if you think about it afterward but at that point it was just ridiculous...
At IKEA I found said shelves and some other stuff like new cushions for my kitchen chairs.
What I didn't find was a shelf to hang in the shower to put all my shampoos and stuff in.
I have a place where I can put it all but it is right underneath the faucet and shower head and something is leaking and it is wet and mushy all the time which is annoying.
Well, I guess I have to go back there at some point. :)
On our way back to my place we stopped to get some food and had an easy but delicious dinner at my place.
We spend the evening with having food, some nice drinks and putting together the shelves. Good times!

On Sunday we hit the road around noon and my Mom dropped me off at my best friends place where her little boy celebrated his 7th birthday with his relatives and some of his Mom's friends.
The real kids party took place later.
I got to see many people which I didn't see for a while, had more cake (I already had a piece Sunday morning which my Mom got from the bakery where she got the rolls for our breakfast) and just a good time.
Monday morning I woke up around 9, solved a "crime" before breakfast :) and then just hung out with my friends.
I got to play many games with her kids. So much fun and I realized I really miss that part of my Au Pair time.
Monday night we went out to eat at a Chinese place, it was an all you can eat buffet and so delicious.
My friend and I decided that this would be our birthday gift to each other so basically everybody paid for his/her own food.
Her boyfriend and her sister plus her sisters cute new baby joined in and we had a great evening.
I ate so much, I could barely walk afterward but that's what all you can eat buffets are about, right?
On Tuesday there were more games if I remember right and assembly of a lego truck and in the evening the grown-ups played Wii.
I have to admit, I never played before but I am hooked.
It was so much fun and it is really exercising without the players realizing that they exercise until the next day when they feel their sore muscles. :)
On Wednesday I went back to my place because I had an appointment at school on Thursday.
When I got home after said appointment I started feeling sick in my stomach.
I got so bad that I had to go to bed early.
So I was useless all Friday which is a bummer because I need to study.
I followed a special diet and today I feel better but I think I will stay on that diet til Monday.
This is annoying since I found Mac and Cheese at the store on Thursday which I really want to try but I think it is better to wait a bit longer.
At least I feel good enough to study today.
Hope everybody has a great weekend!

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  1. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglich...hört sich an, als hättest du einiges zu tun gehabt.

  2. Dankeschoen!
    Wollte ich schon laengst gesagt haben. :)