Saturday, March 27, 2010

how I "lost" my lab partner

This already happened in January.
We and some fellow students went our for drinks, and while being out she accidentally made fun of somebody who stuttered.
At that point she didn't even realize that he stuttered, but when her, a friend and I walked to the bus stop, we told her and immediately she felt bad.
We tried to tell her that he wouldn't be mad at her because he was nice to her after her little faux pas.
Well, when her and I rode home, she picked up this topic again, admitting, that she wants to be nice to everybody and she always is mean to me in the laboratory.
I tried to tell her that I totally understand that, since we all are under stress there, because nobody wants to make mistakes and everybody wants be done on time.
The next day she approached me on the train ride home to tell me that she thought we would be better off without each other in the lab.
I told her again that I understand her being not her nicest during lab class, but she said that the one time when she worked with another partner she was not that mean and she does not want to be mean to me since she likes me.
Well all said really nice, but I still feel a bit dumped.
We had a few more lab sessions after that and in my eyes those went better, but she didn't change her mind and already has a new partner.
Lessons start on Monday and I don't have a new partner yet, I think I will get one assigned if I don't find one myself but this is still bugging me.
Yesterday somebody wrote on studiVZ (something similar to facebook) that he needs a new lab partner as well.
When I asked him if we want to work together, he answered that he actually would rather work with two other persons.
Now, if he only wanted to let them know that he needs a new partner so that they ask him to join their group, he shouldn't write in public that he needs a new lab partner. And then after I asked him if he wants to work with me and he declines this offer (because I hang with people he doesn't like *WTH*), he whines to the people whose group he wants to join that nobody wants to work with him? Really?? Grow up dude, this is university and not kindergarten.

I never liked those hints and games and I still don't like them.

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