Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have to admit I really like this new design...

I might even say I outdid myself. :)
After spending the whole day at school Friday (9 am to 7 pm) I couldn't get myself to study Saturday.
So I did this and that, was online, looking at blogs and stuff and at some point I stumbled across a "how to..." and had to try it out right away.
And it worked and looks great I think.
At around 3 pm I realized that I had to go to the post office.
Well, I knew that but I realized that it closed at 4pm and I was here at home, in my bathrobe, not dressed yet, the item to ship not wrapped yet.
So I had to hurry to get dressed, wrap the package and get the bus into town at 3:28 pm.
And I am proud to say I made it. :)
I was at the post office at 3:51 pm.
That was the excitement of the day. :)
In the evening I watched the box fight which was pretty boring until 5 secs before the end when the favorite knocked out his enemy.

Right now I am watching the ski flying competition in Planica.
I already had breakfast and spoke to my Mom on the phone and as soon as the competition is over I will go back to my books and study more for the chemistry exam.
On Thursday was the math exam and I think it went OK.
I had some odd results which made me think I totally screwed it but I couldn't find the mistake.
The next day I spoke to some fellow students and apparently those odd looking numbers are right.
Well, we will see.
Now it is 3 exams down. One more to go and then the new semester starts.

Hope everybody has a nice Sunday!

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