Monday, March 8, 2010

Moovin' March - my first real post

Casey, over at The Ever-Changing Life... started

Grab My Button!

and I decided to join in.
The rules:
1. Say no to fast food.
2. Say yes to exercise (3x a week or more).
3. Grab a button, link up, and check in!

I am not the kind of person that counts calories and my scale is useless (not accurate) so my success will be seen by my belt and the point at which I have to put it away again since the last hole is still too wide.
As you can guess right now I am "able" to wear said belt.
Since I was kind of afk last week I didn't get to post last Monday.
But let me tell you what I did and ate (or rather not ate) since I decided to join.
I did get to do some workouts. Not as much as I wanted since I was visiting friends and when I got home on Thursday I got sick.
Monday I went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet and I agree this might not be in the spirit of Moovin' March but I had to celebrate (comfort myself about) the fact that I am even closer to 30. *ugh* There, I said it, I am getting old.
But at least I didn't eat much from Thursday to Sunday, that's something too, right? :)
I basically had crackers and soup and tea those days.
On Sunday I had some pasta.
I did a workout Thursday before I got sick and I did one on Sunday when I felt better.
Before I left to visit friends I did some physical labor, hauling furniture home.
It can only get better!

My goals for next week are: Doing the Shred every single day and I want to cook more fresh food including veggies that don't come from a can. So one day I will have fish and carrots and potatoes.

The above I wrote earlier today and the following is a possible change of my plan:
My cold got worse during the day and after I did the shred tonight I felt really crappy. In fact I still kind of do.
So I am not sure if I can keep up my plan for this week.
Maybe I have to pause til the cold is gone.
Today I coughed so hard, I burst a little blood vessel in my eye.

UPDATE: went to the Dr today (Tuesday). Dr put me on antibiotics and told me to not workout til next week.

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  1. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. That always seems to happen to me when I want to start working out. Sounds like you have a great plan for next week when you feel better!