Sunday, March 28, 2010

a quite successful day

Today I tackled a long loathed task: I defrosted my fridge and the little freezer compartment.
This fridge is pretty small, but big enough for one person.
The little compartment where I could make ice cubes (or try to keep something frozen) is even smaller.
Now imagine it covered in ice. From the outside I mean. And from the inside as well.
I put ice cream in there back in November (I think). Ate from it a few times. And then I couldn't get into it any more.
This didn't bother me much during the winter.
But now it is spring (finally).
Last week I wanted to make ice cubes.
I wasn't able to get into the little compartment. Frozen shut.
I couldn't get into it without breaking the little door.
So today I went to work. I used my two blow dryers. (Yes I do have two. Also comes in handy when the hair is wet and I am in a hurry).
So it took me like an hour to melt off all the ice or rather make it possible to break off the ice. It filled a whole bucket. Wow.
While I was on it I cleaned the fridge as well.
And the little cabinet next to the fridge.
I also threw out some stuff and now my fridge is well organized and clean again.
Yay me. :D
But I think in the future I will try to keep this little compartment ice free.
Beside this I didn't do much today, just relaxed, read a book and stuff.
The new lessons start tomorrow.
This break went by really quick when I look back now.
Hope everybody will have a great week.

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