Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hello again!

I know, I know, long time no blog.
But I am pretty busy these days.
School is taking it's toll.I'll try to update a little before I go to bed.

Let's see how far I get. :)
I will not go into every day since it was mostly the same every day, so here are some highlights:
Last week I had my first presentation in my English class and it went pretty well.
I like the mark I got there. :)
I failed the Chemistry exam by the way but that was no surprise.
At least not for me.
On Friday I had no school so I took a train up north to visit the family and celebrate my Mom's birthday.
Had a great weekend there!
On Saturday I went shopping, as in strolling through different stores for 6 hours. :)
Didn't buy much but really enjoyed having quality time with me, myself and I. :)
I saved the best for the end: TK Maxx . :)
I just LOVE that store.
Sadly I didn't find much there this time.
No shoes, no clothes. :(
I tried to try a really cute dress but it was way to small to even squeeze myself in.
I knew it was not my size but you can still try, right?
Well I was not able to fit my arms in. Each arm alone was fine but my shoulders were too big. :(
But I did find some oven gloves from cooksmart and a bag. :)
Later that day I made two cakes for my Mom's birthday celebration on Sunday.
That was really nice, nice people, good delicious food and I even was able to hitch a ride.
My aunt gave me a lift and I traveled in comfort for most of my way home and saved quite some bucks.
For the remainder of the way I took the train again.
This week is really busy.
I have labs on 4 of 5 days which require preparation and kept me at school for more time than I liked. :)
But 3 of 4 are done now, the last one for this week is on Friday and I will prepare it tomorrow. :)
Today I got home at 7 pm and didn't do much more.
Just went to the store and then had dinner and watched CSI:Miami.
Saturday is a holiday and everything is closed, so I have to do the stuff I normally do on Saturdays (mainly laundromat and groceries) during this week as well.
I am wondering where I will squeeze that in..
Friday I have another lab session and afterward me and my lab partner want to write the report which we have to hand in.
The last one took longer than anticipated so we want to get a head start on this one and start right away...

I think that's it for now, hope everybody has a nice rest of the week!

I forgot one thing:
After I wrote about my living situation I looked at an apartment 2 days later. There was this ad at school, the description sounded great so I called and was able to see the place the next day.
And I fell in love right away.
I called the owner as soon as I got home but he told me that there are some more interested people that had called first and he had to consider them as well.
He told me he would call within a week.
That didn't happen so I guess he picked somebody else. :(
That made me really sad because that was THE perfect apartment for me....

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

some people should not be allowed to have children

Today while waiting at the checkout at my local store a woman came in and asked around to find the owner of a certain car.
At first I thought maybe she got blocked and couldn't get her car out or maybe she hit it by accident.
But on her way out (after not finding the owner) she said something like "How can somebody be so stupid and leave a baby in the car."
After I paid I went out and being me I had to go over and check the situation.
The infant was still in the car, crying.
I have to add that we had gorgeous weather, blue sky, sun shining, pretty warm...and this little baby crying in the car. You get the picture.
At that point the baby was in the car for at least 15 minutes and the woman had called the police by then.
She already had tried to get into the car but with no success.
The window was open a crack, but not much.
I thought about getting the car open with a wire or something but who is carrying around something like that?
I don't. And the woman didn't either.
So she hung onto the window, trying to push it down a bit further and I was able to squeeze my arm in and unlock the car with the tips of my fingers..
The woman had to roll down the window from the inside in order to get my arm out again.
The baby stopped crying as soon as we got him out of the car.
The police showed up a few minutes later.
Still no sight of the parents.
The woman took the baby into the store, trying to find the parents again.
This time she found them and they were all mad that we took their baby out of the car while they were at the store for "just two minutes'.
I am not a person to judge about other people's style of parenting but leaving a child, leave alone an infant, in a car by itself...this is something you just don't do! Parent FAIL! Big time!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

I am lacking in the blogging department

Sorry for that!
But during the week there is not much to write about and on the weekends I am busy.
But I will try to do better!
Today I had my first practical class with one of my two new lab partners and it went really well!
She is nice to work with, did some little smalltalk in between, just a nice experience.
On Wednesday I will get to work with my other new lab partner.
Last Friday there was a voluntary tutorial which I attended.
Afterward I spent 3 hours in the library to study and prepare the experiments which I have this week.
After that I went home, dropped my stuff there and went out again.
I went to the walmart like store (real; ).
My plan was to get some more plastic containers for snacks and to store stuff in the fridge.
But then I had to discover that real had a new line of kitchen supplies, pretty cheap and in nice colors.
So I filled my basket there.
This was a great day for me because I got some stuff which I never owned as new before.
Most of my kitchen items are hand-me-downs, all my plates, the small pan I had and all my silverware.
I got some great breakfast knives.
They cut rolls really easy and I can even cut tomatoes with them.
Then I got small sharp knives for fruits and stuff, as well as two sets of cutlery and a frying pan as well.
I spent more money than I planned but I got some really useful stuff, so I'll get over it. :)

Right now I am not really happy with my living situation.
I share the hallway and the toilet with my neighbor which is really frustrating and annoying at times.
Plus when I got home today I was astonished to find scaffolding in front of my windows.
Not only that there is scaffolding in the drive way since I live here, no, now there is also some in front of my windows.
The view wasn't great before but now it is just annoying...
I keep looking for a new places but only halfheartedly since a move would cost money and nerves.
I am waiting for the moment when I am so annoyed that I actually move...

Sorry for this random stuff.
I am really tired and will go to bed really soon...

Hope everybody has a great week!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

it's been a week, wow

Last week I was pretty busy.
School started and there was lot's of organizing to do.
We had to attend some safety instructions and of course the lab partner matching process took place.
And I am happy to announce that I don't have one new lab partner, no, I actually got two of them.
Normally you do the practical classes for all 4 subjects with the same partner but to elaborate why I have two partners (I do two classes with each) is not worth it.
Made me mad that day, I am over it.
On Friday, which was a holiday here, I had my big moment. I made a Hefezopf and it turned out just great.
I was really nervous because I used yeast never before.
But a friend sent me a recipe and everything went well. :)
On Saturday I wrote a post which I took off later but after thinking about it I will activate it again, as soon as this post is written.
I didn't do anything special for Easter, just stayed home...
I didn't have a special Easter meal either but I only made my favorite food like green asparagus which I had for dinner and mousse au chocolat which I ate later that night.
Today I spoiled myself and took myself out for dinner.
Went to Subway. *lol*
Nothing fancy but I really like to eat there. Plus I didn't have to cook.
Later today I did some homework and now I am watching TV.

Hope everything has a great week!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dear German politicians,

if you can't stand behind your soldiers go stand in front of them.
The more I think about what happened in Afghanistan yesterday, the more upset I get.
I normally keep my political (and religious) views off this blog but this is an exception.
This post is not intended to share my opinion about the war ( oh I am sorry, I mean "a warlike situation" because German soldiers don't go to war) and if I think that our troops should be there or not.
But fact is, they are there now and they were sent by the government.
So the government should support them.
It makes me sick thinking about the equipment they have there.
Not that I know much about military stuff but having their families send them telescopes which they purchased from tchibo ( a coffee chain that also sells clothes, household goods and other stuff) because they are better than the equipment they have, doesn't sound right.
And that we sell our tanks instead of using them ourselves...don't need to talk about that.
The fact that the consequences of the air strike in which hundreds of civilians were killed last year lead to not bringing in the forces which could have saved the soldiers yesterday because they didn't want to endanger civilians, makes me sick.
(please don't get me wrong, every dead civilian is one too much!)

So please either bring them home for good or give them the appropriate equipment to protect themselves and finish what you sent them there for.

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I am not in any kind related to the military and don't know anybody serving down there, I am just a German citizen...

(and if I offended anybody I am sorry but this is my personal view on my blog)