Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dear German politicians,

if you can't stand behind your soldiers go stand in front of them.
The more I think about what happened in Afghanistan yesterday, the more upset I get.
I normally keep my political (and religious) views off this blog but this is an exception.
This post is not intended to share my opinion about the war ( oh I am sorry, I mean "a warlike situation" because German soldiers don't go to war) and if I think that our troops should be there or not.
But fact is, they are there now and they were sent by the government.
So the government should support them.
It makes me sick thinking about the equipment they have there.
Not that I know much about military stuff but having their families send them telescopes which they purchased from tchibo ( a coffee chain that also sells clothes, household goods and other stuff) because they are better than the equipment they have, doesn't sound right.
And that we sell our tanks instead of using them ourselves...don't need to talk about that.
The fact that the consequences of the air strike in which hundreds of civilians were killed last year lead to not bringing in the forces which could have saved the soldiers yesterday because they didn't want to endanger civilians, makes me sick.
(please don't get me wrong, every dead civilian is one too much!)

So please either bring them home for good or give them the appropriate equipment to protect themselves and finish what you sent them there for.

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I am not in any kind related to the military and don't know anybody serving down there, I am just a German citizen...

(and if I offended anybody I am sorry but this is my personal view on my blog)

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