Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hello again!

I know, I know, long time no blog.
But I am pretty busy these days.
School is taking it's toll.I'll try to update a little before I go to bed.

Let's see how far I get. :)
I will not go into every day since it was mostly the same every day, so here are some highlights:
Last week I had my first presentation in my English class and it went pretty well.
I like the mark I got there. :)
I failed the Chemistry exam by the way but that was no surprise.
At least not for me.
On Friday I had no school so I took a train up north to visit the family and celebrate my Mom's birthday.
Had a great weekend there!
On Saturday I went shopping, as in strolling through different stores for 6 hours. :)
Didn't buy much but really enjoyed having quality time with me, myself and I. :)
I saved the best for the end: TK Maxx . :)
I just LOVE that store.
Sadly I didn't find much there this time.
No shoes, no clothes. :(
I tried to try a really cute dress but it was way to small to even squeeze myself in.
I knew it was not my size but you can still try, right?
Well I was not able to fit my arms in. Each arm alone was fine but my shoulders were too big. :(
But I did find some oven gloves from cooksmart and a bag. :)
Later that day I made two cakes for my Mom's birthday celebration on Sunday.
That was really nice, nice people, good delicious food and I even was able to hitch a ride.
My aunt gave me a lift and I traveled in comfort for most of my way home and saved quite some bucks.
For the remainder of the way I took the train again.
This week is really busy.
I have labs on 4 of 5 days which require preparation and kept me at school for more time than I liked. :)
But 3 of 4 are done now, the last one for this week is on Friday and I will prepare it tomorrow. :)
Today I got home at 7 pm and didn't do much more.
Just went to the store and then had dinner and watched CSI:Miami.
Saturday is a holiday and everything is closed, so I have to do the stuff I normally do on Saturdays (mainly laundromat and groceries) during this week as well.
I am wondering where I will squeeze that in..
Friday I have another lab session and afterward me and my lab partner want to write the report which we have to hand in.
The last one took longer than anticipated so we want to get a head start on this one and start right away...

I think that's it for now, hope everybody has a nice rest of the week!

I forgot one thing:
After I wrote about my living situation I looked at an apartment 2 days later. There was this ad at school, the description sounded great so I called and was able to see the place the next day.
And I fell in love right away.
I called the owner as soon as I got home but he told me that there are some more interested people that had called first and he had to consider them as well.
He told me he would call within a week.
That didn't happen so I guess he picked somebody else. :(
That made me really sad because that was THE perfect apartment for me....

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