Monday, April 12, 2010

I am lacking in the blogging department

Sorry for that!
But during the week there is not much to write about and on the weekends I am busy.
But I will try to do better!
Today I had my first practical class with one of my two new lab partners and it went really well!
She is nice to work with, did some little smalltalk in between, just a nice experience.
On Wednesday I will get to work with my other new lab partner.
Last Friday there was a voluntary tutorial which I attended.
Afterward I spent 3 hours in the library to study and prepare the experiments which I have this week.
After that I went home, dropped my stuff there and went out again.
I went to the walmart like store (real; ).
My plan was to get some more plastic containers for snacks and to store stuff in the fridge.
But then I had to discover that real had a new line of kitchen supplies, pretty cheap and in nice colors.
So I filled my basket there.
This was a great day for me because I got some stuff which I never owned as new before.
Most of my kitchen items are hand-me-downs, all my plates, the small pan I had and all my silverware.
I got some great breakfast knives.
They cut rolls really easy and I can even cut tomatoes with them.
Then I got small sharp knives for fruits and stuff, as well as two sets of cutlery and a frying pan as well.
I spent more money than I planned but I got some really useful stuff, so I'll get over it. :)

Right now I am not really happy with my living situation.
I share the hallway and the toilet with my neighbor which is really frustrating and annoying at times.
Plus when I got home today I was astonished to find scaffolding in front of my windows.
Not only that there is scaffolding in the drive way since I live here, no, now there is also some in front of my windows.
The view wasn't great before but now it is just annoying...
I keep looking for a new places but only halfheartedly since a move would cost money and nerves.
I am waiting for the moment when I am so annoyed that I actually move...

Sorry for this random stuff.
I am really tired and will go to bed really soon...

Hope everybody has a great week!

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