Monday, April 5, 2010

it's been a week, wow

Last week I was pretty busy.
School started and there was lot's of organizing to do.
We had to attend some safety instructions and of course the lab partner matching process took place.
And I am happy to announce that I don't have one new lab partner, no, I actually got two of them.
Normally you do the practical classes for all 4 subjects with the same partner but to elaborate why I have two partners (I do two classes with each) is not worth it.
Made me mad that day, I am over it.
On Friday, which was a holiday here, I had my big moment. I made a Hefezopf and it turned out just great.
I was really nervous because I used yeast never before.
But a friend sent me a recipe and everything went well. :)
On Saturday I wrote a post which I took off later but after thinking about it I will activate it again, as soon as this post is written.
I didn't do anything special for Easter, just stayed home...
I didn't have a special Easter meal either but I only made my favorite food like green asparagus which I had for dinner and mousse au chocolat which I ate later that night.
Today I spoiled myself and took myself out for dinner.
Went to Subway. *lol*
Nothing fancy but I really like to eat there. Plus I didn't have to cook.
Later today I did some homework and now I am watching TV.

Hope everything has a great week!

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