Saturday, April 17, 2010

some people should not be allowed to have children

Today while waiting at the checkout at my local store a woman came in and asked around to find the owner of a certain car.
At first I thought maybe she got blocked and couldn't get her car out or maybe she hit it by accident.
But on her way out (after not finding the owner) she said something like "How can somebody be so stupid and leave a baby in the car."
After I paid I went out and being me I had to go over and check the situation.
The infant was still in the car, crying.
I have to add that we had gorgeous weather, blue sky, sun shining, pretty warm...and this little baby crying in the car. You get the picture.
At that point the baby was in the car for at least 15 minutes and the woman had called the police by then.
She already had tried to get into the car but with no success.
The window was open a crack, but not much.
I thought about getting the car open with a wire or something but who is carrying around something like that?
I don't. And the woman didn't either.
So she hung onto the window, trying to push it down a bit further and I was able to squeeze my arm in and unlock the car with the tips of my fingers..
The woman had to roll down the window from the inside in order to get my arm out again.
The baby stopped crying as soon as we got him out of the car.
The police showed up a few minutes later.
Still no sight of the parents.
The woman took the baby into the store, trying to find the parents again.
This time she found them and they were all mad that we took their baby out of the car while they were at the store for "just two minutes'.
I am not a person to judge about other people's style of parenting but leaving a child, leave alone an infant, in a car by itself...this is something you just don't do! Parent FAIL! Big time!

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