Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22nd

Wow, long time no post....
Can't promise that will not happen again, sorry.
School is pretty demanding these days and I think it would be pretty boring if I would post something like "been at school from 8 am til 6/7/8 pm today" which happened quite often these past weeks.
Actually they say that our Bachelor System here in Germany is made the way that the student experiences a 40 hours workweek but I did a lot overtime the past weeks but well. I have chosen this life and I want this degree so I just suck it up.
I even volunteered as a study buddy and will help a foreign student to adjust with life here.
That should provide some blog fodder I hope. :)
Of course we also have a social life at school and it is like we're back in high school again.
"He said", "she did", whisper whisper, rumors all over the place...
I try to keep out of it and just observe.
It's kind of amusing.
Sounds like I don't like my fellow students, huh?
Actually I do like them. Most of them. Some more, some less, some just annoy me.
But I will not go in details here. :)

Well, today is a special day for me.
On May 22nd in 2006, I moved to the States.
Wow, it's been a while and a long road since then.
Ups and downs, but I had the time of my life.
I met so many new people, learned so many new things and saw so many places...
I miss my families over there.
Since I came back to Germany in 2008 I didn't have the chance to go back and see them but there is email, facebook and the phone. :)
And one day I will have the money to afford the airfare. :)

Well, this was just a random post but as I said, there is not much life beside school those days.
I will try and write more often though.

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

awesome weekend

that's what I had!
Lab on Friday went smooth and afterward we had an event on campus, an international day with lot's of information regarding studying abroad.
There also was a photo exhibition where the best picture could win a price.
I took part but didn't win.
That was the picture I submitted:

Good thing is, I will get the printout with the frame it was in during the exhibition. :)

I got home around 4 pm and watched some afternoon TV which I didn't get to do for quite a while.
Later I went to the store and then to the laundromat.
I have to admit, I thought people who claimed that they just LOVE their crocs are weird, but they had cheap copycats at the store and I got me a pair for 5 Euros and I have to say I just LOVE them. :)
Wouldn't pay the crazy amount for an original pair though.
Well after I tried them I didn't want to take them off so I decided to wear them to the laundromat.
Big mistake, my feet got so cold, I had to take a pair of dirty socks and put them on.
I also went in just a t-shirt and still got pretty cold despite the socks.
On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat. :(
While being out I witnessed some local customs which were quite amusing. :)
Saturday was a federal holiday that's why I had to do everything on Friday.
Well on Saturday I baked some quite a lot pizza muffins.
But first I got to sleep in.
I had turned off all the alarms and slept til noon.Heaven. :)
In the evening I met with some friends and we went down to the river and had a barbecue there.
They LOVED the muffins. :)
The reason we went there was "Rhein in Flammen" ("Rhine in flames").
Every year they do fireworks at different places along the river Rhine and on Saturday it was our towns turn.
So we spent a fun evening by the river, got rained on, got pretty cold but had a GREAT time.
And the fireworks were just beautiful.
I didn't take any pictures there though.
I got home around 1;30 am.
Today I slept in again, then just hung out at home, had lunch and watched the retro charts on TV and then I went to Cologne because in Cologne the stores were open today.
So I did some shopping.
Didn't get everything I wanted but was still successful.
Got me two t-shirts (still need another pair of pants and shoes), some deco and went to Dunkin Donuts.
Delicious but I like the DD's in the US better.
I have this wooden thing which I decorate according to the seasons and/or holidays.
This is what I have for the summer:

(please ignore the stuff in the background :) )
I got back home around 7pm, had dinner (pizza muffins and salad) and then spoke to my Mom.
Then I put together the deco, changed the design of my blog and did some other stuff.
Now I am having a hot chocolate with marshmallows and will go to bed soon.

Hope everybody has a great week!

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