Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's me again

yeah, unbelievable, I know.
I've been pretty busy with school these past weeks, same old, same old.
But I think it paid off.
Last week was an exam (statistics) which went ok I think and I held my final presentation in English and got a pretty good mark for the whole module.
Then today we had the exam in analytic chemistry and I feel pretty confident about that one. I have passed for sure and I think I might even get a good mark.
Now it is "just" one more exam next week and then I am off for like 8 weeks before there are 3 more exams in September.

Oh and then there is the Soccer World Championship in South Africa.
I did watch the German games (and some others as well) and I am really happy with our guys.
I went and saw the game against England in a pub with a friend (who actually rooted for England.)
The game against Argentina I saw at home because I studied the rest of the day.
Can't wait for the game tomorrow!

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