Sunday, July 18, 2010

just enjoying myself

Since I arrived here I am just enjoying myself.
I sleep a lot (actually I am really tired all the time and I think this is because I can completely relax here) and enjoy spending time with my Mom and her dog.
On Friday we had a little barbecue. It was SO delicious and I was craving barbecue since I forgot when.
Today we made a trip to the sea, did a boat cruise through the harbor and later went to a bridge where we fed old bread to the seagulls.

We also had some delicious tea in a cute little cafe which used to be a pharmacy back in the day.
We've been there several times and certainly will come back.
The tea is as good as their hot chocolate and their baked goods. Awesome!

I also started The Shred again.
The first two days were horrible but today it went better.

Tomorrow I will meet a friend which I haven't seen for a while (like a year) and I am really looking forward to that.
Hope everybody has a great week!

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