Tuesday, July 27, 2010


my vacation is coming to an end, Sunday night I booked the flight back to my town. This time I am flying because it is faster (oh really??) and even cheaper than going by train.
My Mom will come down the weekend after to bring all the stuff I bought while being here.
Actually she wanted to drive me home this weekend but she couldn't find a dog sitter.
Staying an other week is no option for me for several reasons, so we do it this way.
We kept it pretty low the past week due to the fact that I was sunburned and had flu like symptoms.
We did, however go to the movies.
Since my Mom doesn't care for vampires we did not see Eclipse, but we watched Marmaduke.
That's a funny movie, lovely made.
But we felt a bit weird because we didn't have a child to bring with us. :D
Well. on Sunday we went to a house and garden fair.
Beautiful thinks, I tell ya, but way out of my price range. And my Mom refused to pay 200 bucks for the quilt I fell in love with.

Well I guess I have to start sewing and try to make my very own quilt, because the ones they have at IKEA, where we went yesterday, are a tad too big for my small bed.
We ended up buying some fudge which is delicious but waaaay to sweet to eat more than one piece at a time.
But all in all this was a nice fair.
They had a garden swing, made completely from wood which looked awesome but it was not allowed to take a  picture.
I would have loved to share that with you.
Originally we had planned another boat cruise for yesterday but we got stuck in traffic and missed the departure.
We wanted to go to a little island, do some sightseeing there and come back with the last boat.
But since we missed the first one we would have had to wait 2 hours for the next one and then would have had 30 minutes to explore the island before the last boat leaves for the shore again.
So we decided to go to the island by car.
Actually it is considered a real island even though there is a dam with a street on it leading to the island.
So we drove there, looked around, enjoyed beautiful sights and had a delicious lunch before we decided to go to IKEA which was planned anyways for later this week.
We had a really good time there, as usual and I got some stuff I really needed (as usual ;) )and then we had coffee and cake in the restaurant after we put all the stuff in the car.
On my way home I realized that I forgot something I really needed, but we have to go back anyways because we had my brothers car yesterday and the bookshelf I picked would not fit in that car so we have to go get it with my Moms car.
Today ( 8 am) I was woken by someone doing yard work with a really noisy electrical tool. Now he is done and I am wide awake. Annoying.

Hope everybody has a great day!

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