Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sick again

yes, that's right, I am sick again.
I don't know how many posts I started like this already, but it is annoying!!
Especially because I am on vacation and we have so many plans and not so much time left.
I caught a cold again and I had a little fever the other day. Oh and I am sunburned but that is getting better.
Well, I went to Berlin yesterday anyways to meet a friend which I met first in 2006 when we were both AuPairs in New York.
We had a great time there and without her it wouldn't have been the same.
She went back home in 2007 and I moved to California in 2007 but we stayed in contact all the time.
I came back to Germany in 2008 but we didn't meet again until the summer of 2009. (you can read about that here )
So on Monday we met again, at the same mall :) And we did some serious shopping again( she more than I). And we went to Starbucks of course!
Almost like back in the day in New York. :)
And again it was like we said goodbye just the day before and not a year ago.
Only downside was that the Deutsche Bahn not offers this special ticket anymore, which made the trip slightly more expensive than last time.
Oh and I felt more and more crappy.
When I was back on the train I felt like the flu got me, pain in the joints and all...
Yesterday my Mom got me some flu stuff from the pharmacy and it seems to help.
We kept it low for the rest of the day. Went for ice cream, did some gardening and stuff.

Now my Mom is out to get some more gardening supplies and lunch.
We will decided what else we will do today, when she returns.

Happy Wednesday everybody!!
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