Monday, August 2, 2010

back home and a little depressed

Since I got home on Friday I am a little down.
I spent two weeks with my Mom and the dog and my brothers and now I feel kinda alone here in my apartment.
Well, I guess I will get over it, I have to, right?
On Tuesday we had a pretty low day.
We didn't do much, we read, ate, played with the dog and so on.
In the late afternoon we decided to go out again and we went to the beach again, fed some more seagulls and went back to our favorite cafe.

Afterward we went to a store where I wanted to show my Mom a certain dress which I didn't find but while I was searching the store for the dress, my Mom found a nice shirt for herself.
If I remember right we didn't do much else that day.
On Wednesday we had big plans. We wanted to go to the Darß, look around there, go to one of the Seebrücken (sea bridges) and to the lighthouse, spend some time at the beach and then move on to Ahrenshoop to enjoy the arts there.
Well, we got to the Darß and drove around for a while. We were not able to find a Seebrücke and so we decided to go to the lighthouse, then find a supermarket and do a picnic at the beach before going to Ahrenshoop.
So we drove to what looked close to the lighthouse on the map, parked the car and asked a local how to get to the lighthouse.
She gave us directions and it sounded like a short little walk through the woods.
So we start walking, enter the forest where she told us and walked and walked and walked.
After 30 or so minutes we get to a signpost.
I didn't think of taking a picture but the sign pointing in the direction we came from said something like "Prerow 3,4 km" (2,1 miles) and the other sign said "Lighthouse 1,5 km" (1 mile).
So much for a nice little walk through the woods.
Can you guess how excited we were? :)
Fortunately I put on  a different pair of shoes than the ones I wore most of the time while at my Moms.
She only wore slippers though.
Well, we finally made it to the lighthouse.
And of course we had to climb up too.
We sure got a good workout that day. :)

For the way back we decided to take the charabanc. They went up and down in 30 minute intervals and we had several of them pass us on the way up.
No picture of that either, sorry.

When we got back to the car it was pretty late (too late to see arts) and we were starving, so we just stopped at a restaurant and had a really delicious dinner there.
Funny thing there: They had ads on their paper towels in the restroom.

On Thursday we set out to our final excursion.
We went to Karls farm again.
We were there a few times when I still lived with my Mom and it was as nice as usual, but also really crowded.
I got a cute breakfast bowl there.
Picture might follow when my stuff got here.
Afterward we went to IKEA again to pick up the bookshelf and the thing I forgot the last time.
And in the clearance area I found a nice ( a little damaged though) office chair for 10 euros which had to come with us too. :)
Currently I am using just a normal chair, which I can't adjust in height or anything and often my back hurts after working for a while so I intended to buy a new chair anyways and for 10 euros I just couldn't leave it there.
The little damage is just an optical problem and I will just cover it with some fabric or so.
We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home, where I played with the dog, packed my stuff and cleaned out my old desk which took quite some time.
I was in bed around 2 am, and got up at 5:30 am to head to the airport.
We had breakfast there and then we said good bye.
It is kind of weird.
If I go by plane, the good bye seems to be harder than if I go by train even if it is the same distance.
Well, I went through security where I didn't have a problem this time but they took my laptop away to swap it for explosives. Never happened before.
Obviously they didn't find anything.
Flight went smooth and we had to take the bus to get from the plane to the terminal.
Never had that before at this airport.

When I got to my place I was really excited to see that my plants still live and they looked even better than before,
Maybe I should cut back on the water I give them.
I felt so motivated, so I went to the store, bought the ingredients for a nice dinner and even stuff to decalcify my electric kettle.
I cooked and decalcified and had a good time until it was about time to go to bed.
Then it hit me and I felt lonely all of a sudden.
I spent two weeks with my family and now I am all alone again.
Kind of depressing.
But it starts to get better slowly.
Plus my Mom will visit on Friday to bring all my stuff. :)

Kudos if you made it through the whole post!

Have a nice week everybody!

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