Saturday, August 14, 2010

finally something to blog about

Today I finally got something to write about.
First of all it seems like my blog made it.
I am in the position of getting spam comments now.
Does that mean, my blog is highly frequented now? :)
I see I do have lot's of visitors, I would love to see some more comments, if they are not spam. :)

Today I got my very late Christmas package from my host family and it totally made my day!!
Especially the pictures of the kids (1 with Santa and 1 frame with 2 pictures of them) Amazing how tall they are now and how much they changed!

And yesterday I received very important news: They opened a TK Maxx in Cologne.
I SO will go there really soon!!

Hope everybody has a nice weekend!

edit to add:
I ordered the new glasses. For my daily life glasses I decided to try the antireflexion coating,, my backup glasses are just plain normal ones...
Can't wait to see if there is a difference.

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  1. Congratulations on getting spam mail ;-) I know your feeling about comments. I have the same problem. Great numbers of visitors, but only a small number of comments. However, I also have some loyal visitors who leave a comment on almost every post... I'm still trying to figure out what makes people comment. As reader I know that I sometimes feel more like leaving a comment and sometimes I don't. Perhaps that's the whole point...
    Have a great weekend!