Sunday, August 29, 2010

How not to spend your Sunday...

Yesterday my Mom and I went to Rostock to go to TK Maxx. Oh right, I went home for a few days to baby dogsit while my Mom was away on business. Well, we went to Rostock and somehow my brother ended up in the car with us. Not how I imagined our mother-daughter-trip.
Well, in the end he was the only one who found something at the store.
After we got rid of him we had lunch and then went home.
Today the "mall" here was open from 1-6 pm so we decided to go there. I was looking for shoes especially.
So we searched for a parking spot for 30 minutes, checked several shoe stores with no success and then wanted to have some coffee and ice cream.
That "mall" is not a real mall in my eyes because it has no food court. But it has some places to eat where you can sit in their space.
So we went to that ice cream place at the "mall" and sat down.
The place was crowded and we were lucky to get the last table.
It was the table next to the way to the kitchen and restroom and the waitresses passed our table all the time.
One even greeted us.
After we waited for like 30 minutes to place our order we got up and left.
I understand that they are busy but a 30 minutes wait is not OK.
So we went through some more stores and on the lower level we found a cafe and decided to try our luck there.
So we sat down, the waitress came pretty soon, I asked her about the cake, she said I need to pick one from the display and took off again.
Fine with me, I went, looked at the cakes and decided I want something else.
When I came back to the table we waited a little and then she returned.

My Mom placed her order and before I even could say "I would like" she took off. WTH??
When another waitress returned with my Moms order she wanted to put part of it in front of me.
We told her that I didn't even get the chance to order and she just said "Well, we have to hurry.." No apology, nothing...
I finally was able to order and had to wait quite a while for my icecream and tea.
The fact that the tea did not taste like we expected was just the cherry on it...

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  1. Is there any place outside Germany where something like this can happen to you? I don't think so. I couldn't blame anybody who'd name Germany the unfriendliest country ;-)
    Have agreat week...

  2. I bet it would be different if they would depend on tips here in Germany as well...
    Hope you have a great week too, even without being connected. :)