Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can't stand people who try to talk me into something...

Today I went to the optometrist to order new glasses because my sight got worse.
I have insurance for my glasses so at least part of it is covered. (today I had to find out that it is only part, I first thought all of it is covered).
Well, I told the guy that I need new glasses, he checked my eyes again, jotted the numbers down and I told him that I would keep the frame, just need new glasses in there.
I told him I want the same glasses like last time, just a new strength.
My actual glasses are made in a special way so that they are thinner than they would be if they were just normal glasses.
I picked this option because my eyes are really bad and I don't want to run around with bottle bottoms on my face.
So I told the guy that I want my new glasses to be made the same way.
This costs slightly more than normal glasses but that's OK.
The guy asked me if I want antireflexion coating and I declined.
So he started to fill out the necessary forms and all of the sudden he starts to talk about antireflexion coating again, like he could not imagine having his glasses without that, etc.
He then proceeded to do some calculations to show me how much more I would have to pay with simple antireflexion coating or even superantireflexion coating.
I told him that I am just a poor student but he insisted that I couldn't live any further without said coating.
I then told him that I will think about that and will come back tomorrow and then left the store.

It is nice if people care about their customers and show new options but trying to talk me into something which I don't think I need (my actual glasses are without any coating) is just too much and quite annoying.

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  1. I know the feeling and I just HATE it. Especially if you know exactly what you want and people just ignore it. I think that's just as impolite as ignoring a customer who needs some assistance...

    Aside from this, antireflexion coating sometimes is nice to have, e.g. if you're driving the car at night. So when you're not a student anymore you should really try it :-)

  2. Hey I completely agree sometimes people can really be annoying. I hate people who don't have a simple sense to talk to people.