Sunday, August 22, 2010

TK Maxx

Yes, I finally went there on Wednesday.
And it was awesome.
I have to take the bus and the tram to get there and the travel time is more than an hour but TOTALLY worth it.
The store has 3 levels, which is even bigger than the store in Rostock where I have been before.
When you walk in on the left hand side you are greeted by pretty purses galore, after that are accessories like hats and scarfs followed by cosmetics.
On the right hand side are clothes and the shoes are in the back.
Go up the escalator to find more clothes, evening dresses, the kids section if I remember right and toys.
On the top level are men's clothes and household goods, frames and stuff.
You should have heard me telling my Mom on the phone about the store.
I didn't buy much for myself though, just some scrapbook paper since it is hard to find here in Germany.
But I bought some gifts, one of them a real steal: A kiddies laptop (vtech no less) for 24,95. It's original price would have been close to 60 Euros.
There were only two left on the shelf and as soon as I spotted them I grabbed one to put in my shopping basket and then started inquiring if there is anybody who needs one. HAHA.
It will be the birthday present for my best friends little boy. :)
After showing an outstanding performance of maintaining self-control and neither buying the boots nor the jacket I went to Dunkin' Donuts for a little treat.
They don't have one in my town (which is probably better for my hips anyways) so I have to go there when there is the chance.

I had a strawberry-banana-smoothie and boy was I disappointed.
They forgot the magnifying glass. Seriously, the cup was so small, I thought it was a bad joke.

It was still delicious but I think I will wait with having another smoothie at Dunkin Donuts until I ever make it back to the States.
I mean, I know that US sizes are different form German sizes at such places as DD and Starbucks, but still...

I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend!

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