Thursday, August 26, 2010

you HAVE to be kidding....

On Tuesday something happened that really left me speechless, and if you know me, that doesn't happen often.
But Tuesday I was able to board a plane without any kind of identification.
I had ID on me of course but nobody asked for it after I showed it at check-in.
I observed several times that they just glance at the ID when checking the boarding pass and on Tuesday I decided to test them and hid  my ID on purpose.
Of course I had it and if they had asked I would HAPPILY have shown it to them but:
Nobody wanted to see it when I boarded the plane (to which I am used by now) but nobody wanted to see it when I went through security either!!!
Basically anybody could have gotten on that plane with my boarding-pass.
And this CAN'T be right!
I already sent an email to the airport security department and I really hope they expect them to take care of that!
Why do they bother looking for explosives and stuff if they don't care if the right people are on the plane??

I know that in the US I had to show ID every single time before I got to go into the security area. And I remember how excited I was when I first was able to use my California drivers license instead of my German passport. :)

After telling some friends about this, the responses are different.
Some think it is normal, other think this is reckless, what do you think?
Is it reasonable to expect that some kind of identification is required before boarding a plane?

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  1. I've never tested Security with my ID, but I've experienced something similar with liquids. Of course, I know that you're not allowed to take any liquid containers on board that are bigger than 250ml, but I always try to take in my 0,5l bottle. And in about 75% of the cases they don't say anything...
    I'm not sure if it's normal. I guess the people at security are also just human, so mistakes can happen everywhere, but not checking the identity is pretty careless!