Monday, September 27, 2010

does anybody see this pattern?

During exam times my blog design changes frequently..
Procrastination is my middle-name. UGH.
But at least I didn't clean the whole place (yet).
This will happen after the last exam.
I can't wait for this to be over.
But the blog looks good. :)

Hope everybody has a great week!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did you ever turn your backpack inside out?

 Or your purse or whatever bag you use to carry your stuff around in?
I had to do so the other day because my travel mug miraculously opened in my backpack and cinnamon coffee spilled out.
Luckily I always have my travel mug in a little bag so the damage was not too bad.
But 2 notepads got coffee stains and I hope the professor does not mind the faint smell of coffee and cinnamon on my exam.
I also had a book in there which I will not be able to resale anymore but luckily it is still readable and even better it was MINE and not one from the library.(it is insane how much textbooks are)
Well, after I cleaned the mess up as good as I could (and stuffed lot's of paper towels in there) and took the exam for that day I went home and tackled the loathed task of washing the backpack.
As I said, I had to turn it inside out to be able to wash the fabric, and out came sand from Maui, old train schedules which were fixed to the bottom with cough drops and some other stuff like a bracelet which I made back in the day as an AuPair when we had to take classes for credits in order to fulfill the program and get our deposit back.
I ended up flying out from California to New York to attend classes which were specially designed for Au Pairs because college in California was so expensive that I paid less that way even though I had to pay for airfare...
This incident taught me a lesson and I thing I should take the time to go through all my purses and see what is left in there because I am that kind of person that stuffs her purse with things I might need and then when I use another purse the next time I just transfer the essentials like cell phone and wallet.

What do you do with your purses (backpacks etc)? Keep them clean and empty them out completely every time you switch to another one or are you a "collector" like me?
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

there is something special...

between me and general chemistry.
After spending the whole weekend bonding with each other you could say there is a special chemistry between the two of us. HA!

I am not done yet but I certainly feel like I am on a good way.
That's why I allowed myself to take a break and change my design into something fall-ish as you can see. :)

But I have to admit, I can NOT wait til these exams are over.
There are several things I am planning to do after those exams, like getting a new haircut (which I wanted to do all summer already). I also have to go back to TK Maxx and get some shoes and I have to go to Staples to stock up on school supplies, because the new semester is right around the corner.

I hope everybody has a great week!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello from behind the books!

Yesterday I finally made it to the store where I wanted to get some decorations for my place.
It's a chain called nanu nana and I was there with my Mom while I stayed at her house to sit her dog.
They had the cutest things there and I mentally totally redecorated my place already.
But since I traveled by plane I could not buy the things and take them home.
No big deal I told myself, I'll just go to my "local" store and get the stuff there.
Well, my town does not have a nanu nana so I had to take the train to Cologne where there is one store in the main station.
So I finally forced myself to go there yesterday, after all I have 3 exams coming up and need to study but I still want my place to look nice.
So I took my physics book with me and read it on the train and I even had kind of a break-through and all of the sudden understood something I had trouble with before.
Well, I got to that store and they had only half of the stuff they had at the other store.
I still got some things but I was really disappointed.
I later found out that they have another place in Cologne in a shopping center and I think the variety will be bigger there but this really has to wait til after the exams...
So I went home, redecorated and then went back to studying.
I worked til 2 am but then I finally was done with what I wanted to be done with by Tuesday so that was ok.
I did physics for the past days, now I will do chemistry, this is the exam I have to retake because I had a black-out.
It is just unlucky that they are so close together, so I have to study both subjects parallel.
Luckily there is a week between those two and the last one, microscopy, so I will focus on that after physics.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

back on track

yep, that's where I am.
School didn't start yet but there are three exams coming up in not even three weeks.
So I am back to studying.
Yesterday my neighbors were really loud so I went to the library at school, where they did yard work and were even louder.

Actually I wanted to go shopping for decorations to get my place ready for fall today but then I didn't feel like going anymore.
I think I will get out the stuff which I already have and put it up and decided afterward, what else I could need.
Fall is in full force here with the rain and cold but today it is actually kind of warm and sunny, I am sitting here in my chair and the sun is coming through the window, really nice.
I just finished some cinammon coffee and a piece of plum cake. :)

There is not much going on beside this so I just wish all my (or the few that there actually are) readers a great weekend!
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