Saturday, September 4, 2010

back on track

yep, that's where I am.
School didn't start yet but there are three exams coming up in not even three weeks.
So I am back to studying.
Yesterday my neighbors were really loud so I went to the library at school, where they did yard work and were even louder.

Actually I wanted to go shopping for decorations to get my place ready for fall today but then I didn't feel like going anymore.
I think I will get out the stuff which I already have and put it up and decided afterward, what else I could need.
Fall is in full force here with the rain and cold but today it is actually kind of warm and sunny, I am sitting here in my chair and the sun is coming through the window, really nice.
I just finished some cinammon coffee and a piece of plum cake. :)

There is not much going on beside this so I just wish all my (or the few that there actually are) readers a great weekend!
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