Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did you ever turn your backpack inside out?

 Or your purse or whatever bag you use to carry your stuff around in?
I had to do so the other day because my travel mug miraculously opened in my backpack and cinnamon coffee spilled out.
Luckily I always have my travel mug in a little bag so the damage was not too bad.
But 2 notepads got coffee stains and I hope the professor does not mind the faint smell of coffee and cinnamon on my exam.
I also had a book in there which I will not be able to resale anymore but luckily it is still readable and even better it was MINE and not one from the library.(it is insane how much textbooks are)
Well, after I cleaned the mess up as good as I could (and stuffed lot's of paper towels in there) and took the exam for that day I went home and tackled the loathed task of washing the backpack.
As I said, I had to turn it inside out to be able to wash the fabric, and out came sand from Maui, old train schedules which were fixed to the bottom with cough drops and some other stuff like a bracelet which I made back in the day as an AuPair when we had to take classes for credits in order to fulfill the program and get our deposit back.
I ended up flying out from California to New York to attend classes which were specially designed for Au Pairs because college in California was so expensive that I paid less that way even though I had to pay for airfare...
This incident taught me a lesson and I thing I should take the time to go through all my purses and see what is left in there because I am that kind of person that stuffs her purse with things I might need and then when I use another purse the next time I just transfer the essentials like cell phone and wallet.

What do you do with your purses (backpacks etc)? Keep them clean and empty them out completely every time you switch to another one or are you a "collector" like me?
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  1. I'd say I'm both. I'm a collector - I take along every single receipt I get whenever I pay anything. I keep basically ALL the train tickets. But I try to keep things orderly. So every once in a while I'll go through all the stuff I have in my purse and decide what I need to keep and what not. Otherwise I suppose I'd have the train tickets from the last 10 years. ;-)
    But I often end up finding old cinema tickets or shopping lists. Sometimes I'll even find a 5 € note...