Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello from behind the books!

Yesterday I finally made it to the store where I wanted to get some decorations for my place.
It's a chain called nanu nana and I was there with my Mom while I stayed at her house to sit her dog.
They had the cutest things there and I mentally totally redecorated my place already.
But since I traveled by plane I could not buy the things and take them home.
No big deal I told myself, I'll just go to my "local" store and get the stuff there.
Well, my town does not have a nanu nana so I had to take the train to Cologne where there is one store in the main station.
So I finally forced myself to go there yesterday, after all I have 3 exams coming up and need to study but I still want my place to look nice.
So I took my physics book with me and read it on the train and I even had kind of a break-through and all of the sudden understood something I had trouble with before.
Well, I got to that store and they had only half of the stuff they had at the other store.
I still got some things but I was really disappointed.
I later found out that they have another place in Cologne in a shopping center and I think the variety will be bigger there but this really has to wait til after the exams...
So I went home, redecorated and then went back to studying.
I worked til 2 am but then I finally was done with what I wanted to be done with by Tuesday so that was ok.
I did physics for the past days, now I will do chemistry, this is the exam I have to retake because I had a black-out.
It is just unlucky that they are so close together, so I have to study both subjects parallel.
Luckily there is a week between those two and the last one, microscopy, so I will focus on that after physics.

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