Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday, United Germany!

October 3rd is a federal holiday here in Germany
It's the day Germany made history again, yet this time on a very positive note.
October 3rd marks the day on which the divided Germany became one nation again.
For a short recap of the events check this video. :)

In our family it became a tradition to go out for dinner or lunch on that day to celebrate.
Today my Mom, my two brothers and one girlfriend went out.
I obviously didn't because I am not there but I will go and treat myself to subway later.
Pretty lame compared to the Greece restaurant they went to, but well...
Next year we will do something different and meet halfway between here and there.

I could have gone to my Moms house but school starts tomorrow and when I found out that classes don't start  before Tuesday for me, I already had made other plans and bought train tickets.
 On Wednesday was the last exam for this semester.
On Thursday I went to Cologne to finally get a pair of shoes and pants.
Well, I didn't find any shoes but at least I have a new pair of jeans now. :)
Just took me 20 tries to find one because I went to TK Maxx and they only had single pieces there and not the same kind of pants in different sizes.
On Friday I went to my best friends house to finally give her little boy his birthday present. :)
He loved it! :)
And I had a good time too. I got to play with kids and to hold and feed a baby.
I really missed that.
In the evening it was adult beverages and some card games for the grown-ups and on Saturday I went home again.

Today is our national holiday as I said and I will go out in a while but before that I spent the whole day cleaning because I forced myself not to start while I was still studying for the exams.
And I found out something really annoying which might provide some blog fodder for the future and some changes in general...

I hope everybody has a great week!

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