Saturday, October 9, 2010

harassment at the post office

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This will be a post about the Post, our postal service.
I like to send and receive parcels, letters and postcards.
I am even a user of .
But I can't stand our Deutsche Post. I don't know how it was back in the day but I believe the reason for how it is now is that the Post does not belong to the government anymore but is privatized.
Every time I walk in there the service is really nice, nothing to complain about.
BUT: After you finish your transaction, they ALWAYS try to talk you into opening an account with the Postbank.
This pisses me off everytime.
And when I was there on Thursday the guy tried to talk me into getting internet with them after I declined the bank account.
Since I already have an internet account with them I was hoping to shut him up by telling him so.
Boy, I was wrong.
He then tried to talk me into upgrading my bandwidth for only 50 cents more per month.
I told him I would move soon and might take care of that afterward.
He asked me "Why wait?" because apparently it would take up to 10 days to change it anyways.
When I told him that I didn't have a new place yet, and might come back later he thought it would be smart to offer me their moving service.
They would change everything, inform the gas provider, electricity company, make sure my phone account is switched in time etc. and I should not wait til the last moment.
I swallowed my not so nice answer and left.
Maybe next time I should tell him to Eff off as soon as I got my stamps. (just kidding of course but it is SO annoying)
I don't know what is wrong with those people. Do they have somebody with a gun in the backroom who makes sure that they try everything to sell additional services?

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  1. No, but somebody who listens :D (Donna Corleone)

  2. Really?
    Why is that no surprise?
    Well, he'll get to hear something next time they try to talk me into a bank account....

  3. Fortunately, they don't do this at our post office, but we've got a clothes' store in town where they always force their assistance on you. Once I told them that "if they didn't shut up and leave me alone, I'd go to another store to get my stuff their."
    That left them speechless, but only during this visit...

  4. Oh yeah, that's annoying too!
    I mean, I loved the "greeters" in the US who welcomed me to the store and offered help but after that they let me browse by myself.
    But if they don't leave me alone at the store after I say "Thanks, I am just looking around" I would be annoyed as well.

    Is your store a chain? Maybe you should send an email to the company and complain...