Thursday, October 7, 2010

this week so far

Beside the fact that I don't know yet who I will work with in the lab school is ok so far.
I liked all of the lessons I heard so far.
I especially like Law.
We have a real judge introducing us to the world of law.
Some lessons will be held by a lawyer and some by a prosecutor/ district attorney.
So it is really first hand and real life.
At least that's how it was when we had "crime scene investigation" in the first semester which was held by real investigators.
I am really looking forward to it (and I hope my prior experience with the study of law will give me an advantage).
The only downside is that it is taught on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6:30 pm.
Either I have lab in the morning and then have to sit there and kill 4 hours until it starts or come to school only for this class, like this week.
Either way, it is way too late in my opinion and I think I might have to break with my habit of not drinking coffee after 5 pm anymore...
We have a class on Wednesday at the same time and I almost fell asleep several times during that class yesterday.
It is just too late in the day, if you ask me.
But obviously nobody asked me. :)
They didn't ask me about the lab classes either.
There are certain times per week but not every week which are blocked for my class (or some groups of students from our class) in the different labs.
Thursday afternoon is one of those time slots.
And guess who will have a lab class on Thursday, December 23rd??
Yes, that would be me.
Means, that I will spend December 24th on a train traveling home for Christmas.
Just a reminder: 12/24 is Christmas Eve and here in Germany most "action" takes place on Christmas Eve.
Obviously my family will wait with dinner and presents for me but that really pisses me off, because I love the preparation (decorating the tree etc) almost as much as the actual thing.
I have to check some other airlines but my usual airline has a flight leaving Cologne-Bonn airport at 8:25 am and I would never make it there at this early hour on public transportation.
Plus, I would have to take the train from Hamburg to the town near where my Mom lives or somebody would have to pick me up at the airport.
So it looks like I will take the train home from here.
At least the train goes through and I don't have to switch somewhere so at least there will be no worry about missed connections.
But back to school.
On Monday I didn't have to go at all.
On Tuesday it did not start before 2 pm, on Wednesday not before 4 pm.
But today I had to be there at 10 am and tomorrow it is 8 am.
I already had problems this morning and when I got home I fell asleep in  front of the TV and feel like crap now. :)
Wonder how it will be tomorrow.
I have to go to bed really early today, that's for sure.

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  1. That's too bad about your lab on Dec.23 I don't know why they can't finish classes on Dec. 22. So everybody would have enough time to get home, but obviously, professors don't celebrate Christmas ;-)

  2. And we are off til 1/9. So Why not have the break earlier and begin earlier again?
    I think the problem is that the people who make that decisions actually live near the school and don't have to worry about getting to their families for Christmas...