Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today I woke up from the sound noise the landlord made when renovating upstairs.
On a Sunday.  In a very catholic city.
You HAVE to be kidding me!
Well obviously not and so it felt like the hammering took place right in my head when I went to the bathroom which is apparently right under the construction site.
I got more annoyed by the minute.
I called my Mom to vent a bit and she was able to hear it through the phone.
Luckily it stopped a while later.
I just hung around at home, had breakfast, coffee, read some blogs, had more coffee, did this and that and had more.. you know.
Well at one point I got mad at my neighbor for reasons I wouldn't share here because I don't want to gross out anybody and my anger toward my landlord rose due to something else.
You can look forward to a post about the whole housing/ neighbor/ landlord thing once the issue is solved.
Well, then a spammer infested one of my favorite forums and that was it.
I had to get out for a while.
So I grabbed my iPod and purse and left.
I walked all the way to the Rhine and then walked by the river for a while.
At some point I got me some McDonald's and sat by the water, watching boats go by and ate.
This was such a beautiful and calming walk and I certainly should do it more often.
Next time I will take the bus though and just start walking by the river and not wasting time with walking to the river.
I was out for two hours and when I got back I felt great.
The weather was gorgeous, sun shining, sky blue etc....

 Later I finished the book I was reading, had dinner, and now I am watching TV before I go to bed.
Hope everybody has a great week!
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