Saturday, October 23, 2010

well, hello again

I know it's been a while.
Sorry for that!
This just will be a little catch up.
Last week I shipped a box of my homemade cookies to my Mom and she really liked them. That made me really happy because lately I had the impression that she does not trust my cooking skills (or she does not like what I make). But she DID like the cookies. She ate them all the day she got them. :)
And shipping was really easy. Nobody tried to sell me anything this time.

Oh and do you remember how I wrote that I passed the exam but didn't know the grade yet?
Well I found out that I barely passed with the worst grade possible, like 1 point keeping me from failing and I was really disappointed.
After all, I studied really hard for this exam.
So when the prof offered the chance to look at the exams I went to find out what I did wrong.
And guess what??
He missed some points. In fact so many points that it really improved my grade.
Lesson from this: Always go and take a look at the exam, when possible.
Profs are only people too. :)
So that made me really happy!!

But of course I also had to run into stupid people again.
This time it was *surprise* a fellow student. Her shoe was untied and I called her to tell her because I didn't want her to trip and fall.
Apparently she already knew that her shoe was untied.
But instead of saying something like "Thanks, but I already knew that" she decided to lecture me about how she ALWAYS knows when her shoes are untied and how it was totally unnecessary of me to tell her.
And she couldn't let go. At some point I just walked away.
When I met her at the train station again she started to lecture me again.
I really wanted to push her in front of the train. Next time I will keep my mouth shut and watch her fall with great pleasure...
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