Sunday, November 21, 2010

I KNOW....

I didn't blog in a while but I have some annoyances going on right now.
I don't want to elaborate to much, because I don't know if this will go to court at some point. Right now it does not look like it will but I just want to be on the safe site.
But connected to all that is going on is another move.
So I am apartment hunting again.
And let me tell you, it is the same pain in the a...rm as it was last time.
Maybe even worse.
The whole thing is eating me and I waste most of my precious time which I should use for studying with looking for a new place.
SO SO annoying,
I decided that I will write about the apartment hunt though.
So. last week I found two possible places, sent an email to one and called the other.
The one I sent the email to wrote back, asking for my profession and stuff and after I told her that I am just a student with no income but my Mom, she told me that she has so many interested people and she will let me know if she would like me to come and look at the place.
Today I got the mail that it is taken.
I actually went to look at the other place and I really liked it.
Th address was ok, close to the station. The downside is that I would have to bring my own kitchen. And the landlady would want somebody move in ASAP.
I will most likely not be able to move before March due to the fact that I have to give my current landlord three months notice...
The housing situation is insane here.
There a not many affordable places and if there is one it is most likely through an agency which would want an insane fee for their services..
I will keep you updated.

Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

today I went to court

No, I didn't do anything wrong.
We went there as a part of our studies. 
The teacher of our law class is a judge.
So we got a tour there and then we actually got to see a trial where our teacher sent somebody to jail.
This was the last day of a trial which went on for a while.
Another part of our group went earlier this month and got to see the witnesses and stuff.
Actually one could just go and sit in any trial he wants except the non public ones.
I didn't know that til today but I think I might just do this once in a while when I am bored.
It is totally interesting and not really like on TV.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I hate to admit it...

Remember this post about the guy at the optometrists place?
I went there to order new glasses and he tried  to talk me into getting this anti-reflective coating for the glasses.
I finally gave in and ordered the coating for my "main" glasses, while I got my back-up glasses the old way.

Well, when I picked up the glasses I was curious but couldn't tell a difference.
Today I got out my back-up glasses, just to see how they look on me and which ones would look better with a certain hairstyle.
As soon as I put them on I was irritated. Anti-reflective coating obviously DOES make a difference.
I hate to admit it but the guy was right.
I am not sure if I will wear my back-up glasses ever again if not necessary, which is kind of sad because I actually like the frame.

Did you ever get talked into something an later had to accept that you actually like it?
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I ended up going to the DVD evening and I am glad I went.
We had delicious chocolate fondue first and then my pizza-muffins and everybody loved them.
They were all gone in no time. :)
The dvd was good as well. We saw "Finding Nemo" and I realized that I never saw the movie completely.
SO funny!
I loved the turtles, dude!
The way back home caused some trouble because normally they have night buses running after the regular buses but not yesterday because it was a holiday.
So we had to leave pretty suddenly, to catch the last subway to the main station, so I could catch the last bus home.
Luckily the friend who rode the subway with me has longer legs than me (which is not hard to have :) ) and so she ran ahead to hold the bus til I got there.
Now add my cold to my short legs and you can imagine how hard I was breathing on the ride home. :)

Today I went to school because I did not have a fever. My throat hurt really bad though, but I made it through the day and I feel pretty ok now.
Tomorrow is only one class so I will go as well if I have no fever.
I want to spare y'all the details but my throat looks ugly and if the pain is not gone by Thursday or if I have a  fever, I will see a doctor Thursday afternoon.
But til now I am still optimistic that my throat will get better.

Hope everybody has a great week!
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Monday, November 1, 2010

sick again

I wonder how often I will have to title my post like this...
Well that is not the reason I didn't blog for over  a week.
It is just that nothing interesting happened so far.
On Saturday I went on a hike with our international students and it was AWESOME.
So many nice, fun people, great weather and a stunning view.
I will have to do a post with pictures only soon.
The Sunday before last I went on a walk and took great pictures too but somehow I couldn't upload them.
Have to find out if I used up all the space I have here....

Well, yesterday was Halloween. I didn't have big plans, but I brought my lab coat home, just in case and bought a plastic cleaver for 4 Euros.
And I still have the scrubs that I wore on Halloween in the US, so I could have been some kind of crazy doctor.
But I ended up not going anywhere because I did not feel good.
I think I caught a cold on the hike on Saturday.

I also had candy here, just in case some trick or treaters would stop by but no such luck.
Now I have to eat it all by myself. *haha*
Luckily I was smart enough to only buy candy that I also like.
Not like last year, when I had to find a way to get rid of the stuff...

Tonight there is a DVD night at a friend's house and I am supposed to bake my pizza muffins.
I feel better than yesterday, so I guess I am going but I am not a 100% sure yet.
I think I will bake and then decide later if I go.
If not, they still can come and pick up the food.
But most likely I will be going...

Hope everybody has a great week.

(mine will be short since today is a holiday in my part of Germany and I am off)

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