Saturday, November 6, 2010

I hate to admit it...

Remember this post about the guy at the optometrists place?
I went there to order new glasses and he tried  to talk me into getting this anti-reflective coating for the glasses.
I finally gave in and ordered the coating for my "main" glasses, while I got my back-up glasses the old way.

Well, when I picked up the glasses I was curious but couldn't tell a difference.
Today I got out my back-up glasses, just to see how they look on me and which ones would look better with a certain hairstyle.
As soon as I put them on I was irritated. Anti-reflective coating obviously DOES make a difference.
I hate to admit it but the guy was right.
I am not sure if I will wear my back-up glasses ever again if not necessary, which is kind of sad because I actually like the frame.

Did you ever get talked into something an later had to accept that you actually like it?
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  1. Thank you for your opinion on my post-- you make a lot of sense and I am glad to have your point of view!