Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I ended up going to the DVD evening and I am glad I went.
We had delicious chocolate fondue first and then my pizza-muffins and everybody loved them.
They were all gone in no time. :)
The dvd was good as well. We saw "Finding Nemo" and I realized that I never saw the movie completely.
SO funny!
I loved the turtles, dude!
The way back home caused some trouble because normally they have night buses running after the regular buses but not yesterday because it was a holiday.
So we had to leave pretty suddenly, to catch the last subway to the main station, so I could catch the last bus home.
Luckily the friend who rode the subway with me has longer legs than me (which is not hard to have :) ) and so she ran ahead to hold the bus til I got there.
Now add my cold to my short legs and you can imagine how hard I was breathing on the ride home. :)

Today I went to school because I did not have a fever. My throat hurt really bad though, but I made it through the day and I feel pretty ok now.
Tomorrow is only one class so I will go as well if I have no fever.
I want to spare y'all the details but my throat looks ugly and if the pain is not gone by Thursday or if I have a  fever, I will see a doctor Thursday afternoon.
But til now I am still optimistic that my throat will get better.

Hope everybody has a great week!
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