Monday, November 1, 2010

sick again

I wonder how often I will have to title my post like this...
Well that is not the reason I didn't blog for over  a week.
It is just that nothing interesting happened so far.
On Saturday I went on a hike with our international students and it was AWESOME.
So many nice, fun people, great weather and a stunning view.
I will have to do a post with pictures only soon.
The Sunday before last I went on a walk and took great pictures too but somehow I couldn't upload them.
Have to find out if I used up all the space I have here....

Well, yesterday was Halloween. I didn't have big plans, but I brought my lab coat home, just in case and bought a plastic cleaver for 4 Euros.
And I still have the scrubs that I wore on Halloween in the US, so I could have been some kind of crazy doctor.
But I ended up not going anywhere because I did not feel good.
I think I caught a cold on the hike on Saturday.

I also had candy here, just in case some trick or treaters would stop by but no such luck.
Now I have to eat it all by myself. *haha*
Luckily I was smart enough to only buy candy that I also like.
Not like last year, when I had to find a way to get rid of the stuff...

Tonight there is a DVD night at a friend's house and I am supposed to bake my pizza muffins.
I feel better than yesterday, so I guess I am going but I am not a 100% sure yet.
I think I will bake and then decide later if I go.
If not, they still can come and pick up the food.
But most likely I will be going...

Hope everybody has a great week.

(mine will be short since today is a holiday in my part of Germany and I am off)

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  1. Thank you for the postcard today! I am now a follower of our blog-- come over and visit mine sometime :) Hope you feel better soon!