Saturday, December 4, 2010

still here

I know, it is so not like me, to not blog in such a while but somehow I didn't  have anything to write about.. :)

Well about the is off for now.
The issue is still existent but the urgency decreased and it is a pain in the a...rm to at least find something to look at here..I did not look at another place after my last post. So no blog fodder there.

School is keeping me busy, but this is nothing new I guess.
Do you remember the lab partner issue ? Well my new lab partner is a real improvement compared to the previous ones great so I think I should be thankful to my former partners for getting  rid of me. *haha*
And I am getting along ok with them now.
We did not speak about the issue and I doubt it will ever come up.
But whatever floats your boat...

Are you looking forward to Christmas yet (or are you already enjoying Hanukkah?)
I am not in the mood yet.
The Christmas market is in town already and I already went once. It was nice but I don't feel any more Christmasy (if that is a word).

Ok, I admit this post is totally random but there is not that much to write about....

Hope everybody has a great weekend.
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