Saturday, January 15, 2011

retail therapy

They really should make insurances reimburse people for that.
Today was kind of a blah day.
I don't expect much from people, just that they keep their word.

But obviously this is too much already.
But oh well...
To cheer me up I totally spontaneously went out and bought shoes.
First time I bought shoes since I came back from shoe paradise (the awesome malls in the US of A).
I had less than an hour before the store closed and I was successful.
And I bought not only one but two pairs.

The black ones will become my everyday shoes and I still have to figure out when and if I ever will get to wear the brown ones. :) They have the highest heels I ever owned.
But it was OK to walk on them at the store.I put a box of matches next to them,to give you an idea of the dimensions.

Hope everybody has a nice Sunday!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear so and so....

 ...what a better start into a new blogging year, than with some dear so and so...
Dear So and So...

Dear (remaining) readers,
I wish you a happy new year!
I promise, I will try to blog more frequently and hope that the new year will provide me with some new blog fodder.
Thank you for still checking in from time to time.
Have a great 2011,
yours truly
Dear 2011,
 you heard it.
Be exciting and happy for everyone!
Dear self,
next semester make sure to get all the books from the library before anybody else does.
This would be very helpful while preparing for exams.
impatiently waiting for my turn
Dear landlord,
 I am still waiting for the lightning thing for my kitchen which you promised to bring over at some point last June..
cooking in the dark
Dear weather,
while it is nice that you finally warmed up, the constant rain is rather annoying.
You should do something about it.

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