Saturday, January 15, 2011

retail therapy

They really should make insurances reimburse people for that.
Today was kind of a blah day.
I don't expect much from people, just that they keep their word.

But obviously this is too much already.
But oh well...
To cheer me up I totally spontaneously went out and bought shoes.
First time I bought shoes since I came back from shoe paradise (the awesome malls in the US of A).
I had less than an hour before the store closed and I was successful.
And I bought not only one but two pairs.

The black ones will become my everyday shoes and I still have to figure out when and if I ever will get to wear the brown ones. :) They have the highest heels I ever owned.
But it was OK to walk on them at the store.I put a box of matches next to them,to give you an idea of the dimensions.

Hope everybody has a nice Sunday!

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