Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear so and so

Dear So and So...

Dear week,

wow you went by fast.

seriously, I just blinked and it was Friday...

 Dear self,

you are NOT getting sick, you hear me? You are NOT getting sick!

having big plans (and some exams) coming up


Dear GdL (union of  the engineers),

if you ruin my birthday by going on strike again, there will be hell to pay.

just sayin'


Dear fellow student,

thank you for "making" me watch "Star Wars - Episode 1".
I actually really enjoy it!

In love with R2D2 ;)


Dear readers,

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the Instant Student

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  1. Haha! I tell myself "don't get sick" all the time! Hope you don't, and that your exams go well!

  2. Hi, I'm on a "Dear So and So" Ramble. Just wanted to commend you for highlighting stem cell donation. Those who donate stem cells are real life savers!