Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my world was shaking

at least for a few seconds.
Yeah, that's right, we had an earthquake.
I was at the library at school with a fellow student.
I felt it but I did not say anything because I did not want to make a fool of myself.
I thought it just happened in my imagination.
But when I got home I read a news article about this.
This is my second earthquake and I think I can say I was lucky both times that it did not hit me hard.
I was in California when there was the earthquake in Oct '07 and from what we saw on TV, it did quite some damage in places closer to the epicenter.

Today was Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day (edit: I just realized, it abbreviates to SAD, how fitting) like I prefer to say.
My facebook feed really annoyed me today, every store, radio station and what not I like on facebook wished a Happy Valentine's Day.
They should be more considerate of all those singles out there and make sure they don't hurt their feelings. ;)
Yesterday, while I was in town, not one, not two, but three guys approached me. But they all just wanted the same: My money. *haha*
 How pathetic is that, huh?
Well, don't worry, I am not as bitter as I sound right now. :)
Hope everybody has a great week!

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