Saturday, February 26, 2011

This time of the year again...

Germany is situated in a geographical place that allows us to have four seasons.
Spring, summer, fall and winter.
But in some regions of Germany, there is a 5th season.
It depends on the region, but here it is called carnival. (scroll down to Rhineland)
Even though it is neither a federal nor a religious holiday, it impacts the daily life.
For example our school canteen and coffee place has limited hours next week and on Friday it is even closed.
The laundromat will be closed two days as well.
During this time one should not wonder about anything.
Today, when I rode the bus to the laundromat, cookie monster asked the bus driver to turn down the heat because he and his monster friends were hot in their fur...
And the scent of booze on public transportation seems to be normal during those days as well.

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