Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear so and so

Dear So and So...

Dear self,


I mean it!


Dear Sun,

it was SO good seeing you this week, I love having you around.

I enjoyed it


Dear Rhine,

I really enjoy walking by your shore, it is really calming.

Totally relaxed student


Dear lady with the three dogs,

It is really nice that you like dogs.
I like dogs too, dogs are great.
But I think a dog owner should have some common sense and use it!
Walking through the park chatting away on your cell while your unleashed dogs roam the area and scare people is not considered common sense.

a dog lover who does not feel comfortable with strange dogs running free..


Dear University,

closing on Monday due to carnival? Really?
It's not like people have exams coming up or something like that, which would make it necessary to spend as much time as possible at the library, not at all...

annoyed student


Dear former German defense minister,

it's a shame. The whole thing beginning with you cheating in your doctor's thesis just stinks.
You were a great defense minister but one bad choice in your past ruined it all.
For you and for the German people and our troops who (still) love you.
But it was just wrong what you did.
You put yourself in a bad position and resigning was the best thing you could do in that situation, no matter if I like it or not.

honest student


Dear lab report,

done. :D

student who only used the sources stated in the appendix ;)


Dear readers,

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enjoy, instant student

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  1. Oh, free running dogs can be intimidating... I have a dog myself, but still, I'm very hestitant whenever I see a dog I don't know...

    Bad for your university for closing on Monday... Fortunately we don't have this in my area!

    Have a nice and hopefully sunny weekend!