Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear so and so

Dear So and So...

Dear self,

hang on, it is almost over, two more exams and then the new semester starts.
You can do it.
Next Friday at this time you will already be trashed be celebrating the end of the exams and this semester with your friends.

your student brain
Dear Anakin,

see, they don't  have cookies...

just watched Episode III

Dear fellow student,

thanks again for making me watch Star Wars.

still loving it
Dear cafeteria lady,

thanks to you now it is official that I spend too much time at school. You coming up to me to say good bye before heading home was a nice gesture but a little weird though.

student who should have her own personal chair at school


Dear authors of "Electronic for Dummies",

Reading this book for 3  hours gave me more insight into the subject than the lectures could provide during the whole semester.

Preferring easy to understand writing over slides that have wikipedia as the main source and lack any structure

Dear self,

get in bed, tomorrow will be just another day of studying, all day...

already feeling exhausted just thinking about this...


Dear readers,

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blogger that has no time for more posts currently...

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