Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear so and so

 Dear So and So...

 Dear new semester,

I was kind of looking forward to you since I spent the whole break studying and was hoping for a kind of relaxing lecture time, where I could take it a little easier.
But no such luck, we hit the ground running and already had our first lab session.

not looking forward to 20 practical courses in 9 weeks...

Dear professor,

you GOTTA be kidding!
You are not offering a script but base your lecture on two books, of which are 30 copies each available at the library.
And the exercise classes which you strongly suggest to attend deal with the exercises in those two books.
According to you there is no way to put said exercises online which would be really helpful since there are approx. 100 students in that class, and there are only 30 copies at the library...You claim copyright issues and suggest sharing books with fellow students or just buying them.
Am I the only one who thinks  the guy that is tutoring the exercises being the publisher of those books as well is a really (!) funny coincidence?
Beside this he is the same guy whose book we had to buy last semester because "there is no script, but I wrote this book which covers it all..."
I know what you are up to!

annoyed student
Dear friends,

thank you for making our barbecue last Monday into a belated birthday party for me.
I had a great time!!

love you all!
Dear h&m,

what is going on with the mirrors in your dressing rooms?
I tried on some pants yesterday and I looked really strange in the mirror, so skinny and kind of stretched lengthwise.
An other mirror in the same dressing room made me look fat.
This was a really weird experience.

confused customer
Dear employee at another store,

I was really embarrassed when I approached you to inquire if you work there and you just ignored me and kept checking your cell phone which gave me the impression that you are just some random chick..But when I put down a shirt which I picked up inside the store when I walked outside to check the rack there, you picked it up to put it back on the shelf  before I even could say something.
You really could work on your performance.

irritated customer
Dear sun,

I LOVE having you around but why so intense?

sunburned in March in Germany (really??)
Dear Luke,

look, it's Dad!

just finished Episode V
Dear readers,

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instant student
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