Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear so and so (the very late edition)

Dear So and So...

Dear readers,

yes, I know it is Sunday but I either do it now or the letters will probably remain unwritten.
I was so busy the whole week and since I now have a class on Saturday too, it is not like I could unwind on Fridays anymore.
Will try to do better next week though.

busy student

Dear self,

what were you thinking, when you signed up for this additional class on Saturday??
It was voluntarily, but now you can't get out anymore.

missing my free Saturdays
Dear cough,

it is time for you to go, like RIGHT NOW!

so tired of it

Dear neighbor,

don't get me wrong. I love kids, I really do.
And I love babies in strollers.
I even enjoy pushing them around in their stroller. (hey I was an Au Pair for two years, when I got back to Germany my hands felt so empty whenever I walked somewhere.)
And it is totally OK that you don't want to carry your stroller upstairs all the time, I would not want to do it either.
I also think it is great that you get together with other Moms and of course they don't have to carry their strollers upstairs as well.
But please, could you make sure next time, that your friends' strollers don't block my door?
I know there is not much space in the hallway, but  some consideration on your site would be highly appreciated. (plus it is a safety hazard)

 trapped neighbor
Dear Mom at the store,

you had two really cute little boys with you the other day.
They both looked like around 2 years old.
May I make a suggestion?
Maybe next time you should bring a stroller to contain at least one of them?
( I was an Au Pair, I know what I am talking about)
Keeping them from running all over the place in the store might make it possible for you to actually get your shopping done.
And keeping them from running all over the place in the parking lot might help them making it to kindergarten age.
Just sayin' ...

speaking from experience
Dear Mom at the department store.

What did you want to prove by going up that escalator? Your stupidity?
At least you had a stroller with you. Kudos for that, not like the Mom in the letter above.
But was it necessary to take that stroller on the escalator?
At least you obeyed the sign which said that parents should hold their kids hands on the escalator.
But why didn't you put your kid in the stroller, but dragged him by his hand onto the escalator?
He looked like he just learned how to walk.
It was apparent that he did not want to go. I don't know if he was scared or just smarter than you.
You had the chance to prevent the following, because I told you there are elevators at the store as well.
After you caused a long line you finally rode up, one hand on the stroller, one hand holding your little boy's hand and no hand free to pick up the groceries falling from the stroller.
Way to go Mom!

You should have listened to me
Dear readers,

normally I don't dish out parenting advices but those things just seemed stupid to me.

just clarifying

Dear landlady,
you are worried about an abandoned bike in the driveway?
What about the scaffolding, that does NOT improve the sight of this house?
When will you take that down?
It's been there since I moved it...
Or does it HAVE to be there in order to keep the house from falling apart?

looking forward to moving out at some point...

Dear apartments,

the hunt is back on!

hating it but wanting to move

Dear sun,

welcome back!
It is so good to have you around again, and even better if I find the time to catch some rays. :)

see you later
Dear lab report,

finish yourself, will you?

Pretty Please :)

Dear readers,

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The instant student

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