Monday, April 25, 2011

A little (or huuge) catch up

First of all, Happy Easter to my dear readers! :)
I hope you all have a great time with your loved ones.

As you can tell from the lack of posts in the past, I was pretty busy.
Same old, same In addition to the lectures there are loads of practical classes.
Oh and don't forget the lab reports afterward...
But I am not complaining, I wanted it that way.
But sometimes it can be exhausting.

What have I been up to lately?
Well, last Tuesday I went out with fellow students to celebrate somebodies birthday.
It was a great night, I was out til 6 am.
Even though I skipped classes that day, I only managed to sleep til noon.
It was a lazy day afterward, I got some stuff done and in the evening I went to another friends house where we had barbecue and the others played sing star while I was busy trying not to fall asleep.
Did not work that well. :)

On Thursday we had lab in the afternoon and because something did not work right, we stayed way longer than anticipated.
I was really glad that I did not book a flight for that day as I had originally planned.
My Mom celebrated her birthday on Friday and I originally was supposed to get there by Thursday and help out with the preparations.
We changed that plan when it turned out that I have lab on Thursday and we decided, that I will travel up there on Friday.
So I got up really early on Friday, went to the station and took a train to a town 4 hours away where I met some relatives that gave me a ride. (as they were going to the party as well)
The trip in the car was quite annoying interesting to say the least.
Two of the three persons kept arguing all the way.
The third one wanted to make smalltalk, while I just wanted to sleep...
Then we got stuck in traffic. HELP!
I decided to just "fall asleep" and zoom out which worked ok for a while.

When we finally made it, my Mom and my brothers already had finished coffee and cake.
So we ate, while my Mom just had coffee and we all sat there and chatted.
My brothers and I teamed up and got her a gps, which she really liked. :)

Later I played a board game with my brothers while my Mom and her sister and brother and sister in law chatted away.

Dinner was great too, and in the AM we left.
I slept at my Mom's house and the others went to a little hotel.
They picked me up after breakfast and the trip back home was way smoother.

I got back around 7 pm, did the normal Saturday routine, groceries and laundromat, and cooked myself a delicious dinner.
On Sunday I cleaned my place, which took some time and did research for school.
Today I did not do much, slept in, and did some stuff for school.
But, I did start working out again!
I have some goals to reach, one of them is being in shape for the 10 K run here in town in June.
I never participated in a run, but somehow I got into it.
We want to run as a team and I told my fellow students, I am interested and if I think I am in shape by the time, the registering deadline ends I am in.
So I have a small backdoor to get out but somehow I want to do it.
We shall see. :)

But I want to exercise more in general, not just for that run.

If Jesus can turn water into wine, I should be able to turn fat into muscles, right?

I hope everybody has  a great week!
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