Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello again

Yes, I am still around. Busy as ever and not quite happy about that.
I miss "Dear so and so"-Fridays but somehow Friday always flies by.
I don't have much new stuff to tell though.
School is keeping me busy.
But luckily we will hand in our last lab report next week.
We still have to write it though.
And there are only two more practical classes this semester which is great.
But then, there will be exams, and it will be nasty...
Well I wanted it that way so I should not complain I guess.
I do have two weeks in summer where I will be home and NOT do a SINGLE thing for school. :)
And I do get out once in a while.
On Tuesday we had a lab, and afterward there was a barbeque on campus.
I spent some nice hours there, then I went back to town to go bowling with some other friends, then I went home just to get rid of my backpack and change clothes and then I went out to a party with the friends I hung out with at the barbecue.
I was home by 3 am but that was ok because I did not have classes til 2 pm on Wednesday.
Once in a while I need a night like that.

About my cough which is my company for almost two years now...Last November it turned out to be allergic asthma. Even though they could not pinpoint to WHAT exactly I am allergic.
I suspected the mold I found in my apartment last summer. But they did a test and this did not support it.
In fact it did not show any satisfying results.
So by now I am thinking it might be chronic.
I started treatment in November and everything was fine then. No cough at all.
So I went back to the Dr in March and she did some tests and said my lungs were improving and I should start cutting back the meds in April and completely stop taking them in May.
I did as she said and the cough came back. First only slowly in April and I thought I just caught a cold but when I stopped the medication I kept coughing nonstop and after 5 different people told me I should go see a doctor, I did so.
And what should I say, I am taking the same dose as I did in November and the cough is gone.
On one hand I am happy that it is nothing worse but on the other hand it TOTALLY annoys me.

I hope everybody has a nice weekend!

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