Sunday, May 15, 2011

here we go again...

...yet another catch-up post.
I was quite busy as you can tell and I can't promise to do better in the future.
School is keeping me busy, some nights I stay up really late to finish stuff.
We had to hand in several lab reports recently and that took a lot of time.
Then the exams are around the corner again and this time there are two really tough ones right in the first week of exams with almost no time off just the weekend between lectures and the first exam. Insane.
But luckily I also found some time for myself, I went to yet another birthday party and we went to "Rhein in Flammen" the annual fireworks by the river here in town.
We barbecued near the river and had a great time.
Yesterday I had a practical class for the additional course I am taking.
It went by faster then I thought and it was actually pretty good.

On a different note, my cough is back I am not happy about that and my surrounding is neither.
I had 5 different people telling me to see a doctor over the past days.
That's why I will go see the doctor tomorrow.
Luckily it's a day off, since I have no practical class tomorrow and the one lecture we have on Mondays does not take place tomorrow.

Well, these are my past three weeks in a nutshell.
Hope everybody has a great week!

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  1. Oh no, for the cough. I hope it's nothing bad!

    And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your exams...