Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - phone edition


1. What type of phone do you have? Do you like it?
I am assuming we're talking cell phone here...
I have a Samsung flip phone. Nothing fancy, I can talk and text and it can even take blurry pictures. It's kind of outdated but since I am just a poor student it does the trick. I would LOVE to upgrade though.
2. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
I got my first cell phone when I was 18 and got my license. I think I was the last person in class to get one. :)
3. How many cell phones have you owned since your first?
5 I guess but only two of them were brand new when I got them. My first one and the one I have now. The other ones in between were old phones from my parents which they gave to me when they got new ones due to their contracts.
4. How much is your average monthly phone bill?
I do the prepaid thing and every once in a while I put 15 Euros on my card.
5. When you were a kid/teenager, were you allowed to have a phone in your room?
No, we had one phone and that was it.
We even went without a phone at home for like a year when I was 9 or so and I had to walk down to the public phone to call my best friend who lived 3 hours away.
And no, I did not grow up in the 50ies, I am not even 30 yet, we just moved into the
German Democratic Republic right after the wall came down and well, it was a tad different there.
6. Do you like talking on the phone or do you despise it? Or somewhere in-between?
It depends on to who I am talking.
7. Do you text a lot? Is texting/talking while driving illegal where you live? Are you guilty of it anyway?
I prefer texting because it is cheaper and texting while driving is illegal here. I am not doing it and I don't answer calls while driving if my headset is not plugged in.

8. What sort of texting keyboard does your phone have? Touch screen, slide out, or something different? Do you care?
Just plain buttons after it's flipped open. And I am ok with that. I can text blind with my phone in my pocket.
9. Look at the last call in your call log – who is it? What were they calling about? Who calls you the most?
It was my Mom who wanted to know why I am not answering my land line. (I was at the store at that point)
And I think Mom also get's the price for calling the most. :)
10. What is the longest phone call you can recall having?
I think it was a 6 hour phone call with a friend back in the day.

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