Saturday, July 16, 2011

Study hard, party harder...

...or so they say.
I have to admit, now that I got my life back after the exams I really live life to the fullest and am totally enjoying my life right now.
Last week I went to three farewell-parties.
This Thursday I went to the museum with a friend.
At first I was hesitant and just went because apparently I once agreed to go there with her.
And I am so glad I went.
We had a great time there. So much fun.
Afterwards we went to have lunch at a Japanese place where I went once before and always wanted to go back there because the food was so delicious.
But for some reason it never happened and so I suggested it, when she said she felt like fried noodles.
And we both liked the food there.
My highlight of the summer so far was the Papa Roach concert in Saarbr├╝cken, hands down.
I asked a friend to come but ended up going alone and still had a great time.
I made it to the first row and had an awesome view.
Papa Roach was great as usual and so were the support acts.
Yashin was one of them, if you want to look them up. :)
The only thing I did not like was that Papa Roach just played 1:15 h.
I booked the first train in the morning for the trip home instead of the last train of the evening because I was scared I would miss the end of the show if I had to catch the train.
Turns out there would have been plenty of time to catch that train.
Since I bought a special offer I was bound to the certain train at 3:48 am. I could have changed the ticket but that would have cost me at least 20 Euros.
So I sucked it up and spent 5 hours at the station. First I was at Burger King. They have two levels there and I sat upstairs, had a very late dinner and read my book. When I came back down they had already locked the doors. *oops*
But they were really nice and I was able to leave. :)
Then I went to the waiting hall in the station and sat there.
After an hour or so, the federal police showed up and asked me where I was going,
After I told them they said it was OK if I wanted to stay here but the station would be locked up for some hours and I would not be able to leave.
That was fine with me, since I had no intentions to go anywhere. :)
So I kind of slept there for some hours, then got on the train, dozed there, changed trains, dozed some more and was home by 8:30 am. :)
I went to bed and slept some more hours.
Really exhausting but totally worth it.
Yesterday I went to a barbecue.
It was really fun and turned into a night long pub crawl.
I left the house around 4:30 pm and figured I would be home by midnight, but then it was 6 am by the time got home.
Those spontaneous outings sometimes are the best.
Fun times with great people.

But I think I did enough partying for now.
I need a break.
Tomorrow I am going home to my Mom's house for two weeks and will relax there.
A much needed break before I come back to study more for the exams in September.
Planned are some outings with my Mom, maybe a trip to the beach, barbecues with the family... Can't wait.

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